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Centro di Palmetta is born as a youth aggregation place from different group of people who made a growth and artistic process together. Palmetta was born from the need to have of a space of expression for youth creativity. It became suddenly the natural place where young companies and artists could experience their own conception of art.

Palmetta became a production centre for contemporary arts: performances, visual and plastic sets, theatre plays taking care about the necessity of whom is going to undertake his own point of view.

Palmetta organizes festivals, produces show, performances, set design and new form of arts always with its own way of thinking: the care about every single detail of the process of creation. Palmetta is an artistic machine in which every single part of the system is a human being who put his own creativity, competence and sensibility, feelings and culture together. Palmetta uses its way of thinking even as method of work: everyone is involved in the decision process.

Palmetta is an experiment: is it possible to reach the concept going beyond the form?

Palmetta is an adventure: a voyage into the essence.

Palmetta organizes two important festivals such as ES.terni and Nutrimenti.

Palmetta produces performance of several companies like Vincenzo Schino, Sineglossa and Virgina Virilli.