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Venerdì 8 Febbraio 2013 h 22.30

TONGS in concerto

Tongs produce a terrifying, claustrophobic sound that makes the ideal soundtrack for a prisoner in the madness of solitary confinement. Music with a powerful psychological component whose aim seems to be the unveiling of the human mind’s remotest nooks and crannies. The Tongs sound doesn’t stop at reproducing the teachings of the masters of the 70s but also absorbs the features of a series of bands that have written the history of extreme rock music over the past twenty years. The aggressiveness of Tool, the tenebrosity of the Einsturzende Neubauten, the schizophrenia of the early Primus, the magic of Motorpsycho all echo in a spectacular mosaic of sound.


What distinguishes Tongs from the many “hard” rock bands is their ability to immerse themselves in a psychedelic flow of eternal and ecstatic searching.



Carlo Garof: drums, live electronics

Antonio Bertoni: electric bass, synth, vocals

Jacopo Bertacco: guitar, vocals


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