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Nutrimenti_ habitat creativo Open call

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

T.S. Eliot, Quattro Quartetti

Associazione Demetra is an organization which has been active for more than 10 years in supporting creativity in every form of expression and conceiving innovative formats in the cultural field. Today, within the regional artist residency project Indisciplinarte / Demetra, it promotes the open call “Nutrimenti_habitat creativo” .

The call for applications is open to artists of any formation who have realized or have interest in developing participatory art projects and performative and / or ephemeral installative interventions in unconventional places in the urban landscape with a special attention to public space.

Selected artists through this call will reside for 20 days, in the period October 2 – 23, in an apartment in the center of the city of Terni.
This apartment will be the basis in which the interventions will be designed to be carried out in the city and at the same time it will be a gathering place for meetings with cultural operators and groups of people selected with the residents.

The spaces of the Centro di Palmetta ( will be at the available for the artists for any specific needs, public meetings or in case the hospitality in the apartment is not possible.

During the period of residence artists will be invited to be active participants of the urban landscape in order to influence on it in a creative and inspiring way, to alter the normal course of everyday life, to create communities, to overcome the strangeness, to experiment, to plant seeds.

Selected artists will be invited to think and work on a schedule of proposals to be carried out on a daily basis, following #challenges calls, which will be agreed with the selected artists before the start of the period of residence.

The term #challenge means a task that has as its output a performative and / or ephemeral installative intervention in unconventional places in the urban landscape with a special attention to public space and to participatory intervention.

Selected artists will have to accept, to face and to document the different #challenges.

A maximum of two artists will be selected who will work in part as a team and in part independently and will be joined by local artists and experienced creatives of Associazione Demetra.

Associazione Demetra offers to selected artists:
• accommodation for 20 days
• a contribution of EUR 500.00
• an economic contribution for meals
• an economic contribution for technical expenses and materials
• logistical and organizational support

Procedure for submitting applications
To participate in the selection please complete the online form at this link no later than 24.00 hours on August 7, 2016.
In the form you should enter a link to the portfolio and a link to a video presentation lasting at least 1 minute and maximum 5 minutes.

Selecting applications
Will be selected a maximum of two artists on the basis of the documentation submitted. The communication of the outcome will be made within August 20, 2016.
Before this date Associazione Demetra could do interviews via email, phone or video conference with the candidate.

Associazione Demetra / Centro di Palmetta
Strada Santa Maria la Rocca, 12 – 05100 Terni
mob: +39 349 8490969
fb: Centro di Palmetta